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ABS is a programming language that works best when you’re scripting on your terminal. It tries to combine the elegance of languages such as Python, or Ruby, to the convenience of Bash.

tz = `cat /etc/timezone`;
continent, city = tz.split("/")

echo("Best city in the world?")

selection = stdin()

if selection == city {
  echo("You might be biased...")

See it in action:


Let’s now try to fetch our IP address and print the sum of its parts, if its higher than 100. Here’s how you could do it in Bash:

# Simple program that fetches your IP and sums it up
RES=`curl -s 'https://api.ipify.org?format=json' || "ERR"`

if [ "$RES" = "ERR" ]; then
    echo "An error occurred"
    exit 1

IP=`echo $RES | jq -r ".ip"`
IFS=. read first second third fourth <<EOF

total=$((first + second + third + fourth))
if [ $total -gt 100 ]; then
    echo "The sum of [$IP] is a large number, $total."

And here’s how you could write the same code in ABS:

# Simple program that fetches your IP and sums it up
res = `curl -s 'https://api.ipify.org?format=json'`

if !res.ok {
  echo("An error occurred: %s", res)

ip = res.json().ip
total = ip.split(".").map(int).sum()
if total > 100 {
    echo("The sum of [$ip] is a large number, $total.")

Wondering how you can run this code? Simply grab the latest release and run:

$ abs script.abs

You can also install ABS with the 1-command installer:

bash <(curl https://www.abs-lang.org/installer.sh)

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