ABS playground

Home of the ABS programming language: the joy of shell scripting.

ABS playground

This is a playground for you to test ABS code directly in the browser: you can execute code by either pressing Ctrl+Enter or clicking on the button right below the editor.

Please note that system commands like `ls -la` do not work as this code is running directly in your browser and not on a server, but you can still explore ABS’ syntax without having to download and install it in your system.

lebron = { "id": 23, "name": "LeBron James", "nicknames": [ "the king", "king james", "the chosen one" ] } echo("%s is also known as:", lebron.name) for nickname in lebron.nicknames { echo("* %s", nickname.title()) } return lebron.id


Here is where everything that's outputted from the script will appear. Try running "echo(123)"!


Here is where the return value of the script will appear. Try running "return 42"!


That’s about it for this section!

You can now head over to read about ABS’s syntax, starting with assignments!