A few technical details…

Home of the ABS programming language: the joy of shell scripting.

A few technical details…

The ABS interpreter is built with Golang version 1.11, and is mostly based on the interpreter book written by Thorsten Ball.

ABS is extremely different from Monkey, the “fictional” language the reader builds throughout the book, but the base structure (lexer, parser, evaluator) are still very much based on Thorsten’s work.

Why Go?

There are multiple rasons Go’s the ideal choice for ABS, in no particular order:

  • portability, as our goal is to be able to deliver ABS to multiple platforms without any hassle
  • performance, as ABS’ itself is not big on performance: having the interpreter based on a fast platform allows us to recover something back
  • “strict” language, suitable for the purpose of making sure syntax / parser errors are easily caught
  • rich standard library, which allows to ship most of the ABS’ interpreter without relying on many external dependencies

Development & contributing

The best way to start developing for ABS is to clone the repository and run a make build: this will build a docker container with all the necessary dependencies for developing locally (for experienced Gophers: you might want to skip this altogether as your environment will probably work perfectly).

With make run you can get inside a container built for ABS’ development, and make test will run all tests.


We’re currently working on the 1.0 version.


That’s about it for this section!

You can now head over to read ABS’ credits.